Open Mike Eagle campaigns

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    Anime, Trauma and Divorce

    Auto Reverse (2020)

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    The New Negroes (Season 1 Soundtrack)

    Comedy Central (2019)

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    What Happens When I Try to Relax

    Auto Reverse (2018)

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    Brick Body Kids Still Daydream

    Mello Music Group (2017)

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    Hella Personal Film Festival (w/ Paul White)

    Mello Music Group (2016)

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    Dark Comedy

    Mello Music Group (2014)


Established by Ben Harris in 2006, Run Music is an independent music PR agency. With over twenty years experience of working in the music industry, Ben started Run Music in order to help elevate great music and artists and has been personally nominated for the Music Week PR Campaign Of The Year Award three times.

Run provides strategic, made-to-measure PR campaigns spanning online, print media, podcasts and beyond. We are a small, London-based agency with a meticulously selected roster. This website details some of those artists and the specific campaigns we've handled.

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  • "Run Music has been a pillar for Run the Jewels' efforts in the UK, and Ben has been fundamental in achieving successful PR & positioning every step of the way. From underground tastemakers to top media platforms to awards shows, he’s plugged in, a keen strategic thinker, moves with integrity, and is a pleasure to work with."

    Amaechi Uzoigwe, Run The Jewels's co-manager

  • "Ben Harris always knew that hip hop would take him this far. With the taste of a 1983 Marley Marl, he and his team of Six Sigma Strategic Communications Assassins help us here at Loma Vista Recordings tell great artist-driven stories to our fans across this rapidly evolving media landscape known as Clusterf*ckville™️. Bronson, Killer Mike, Injury Reserve and others have been burnished by this crew’s deft ways and relentless pursuit of the next thing. And if you don’t know, now you know."

    Adam Farrell, Creative Director, Loma Vista Recordings

  • “We have worked with Run Music for over three years now. I can say without any hesitation at all that Ben Harris and Run Music are the only firm to handle your PR needs. We all know in the entertainment/music industry that press isn’t guaranteed. However after 25+ years in the music business globally (we’re based in Los Angeles but also have UK clients) Ben and Run Music deliver every single time.

    Their campaigns are flawless, they understand multiple genres of music, they are clear and concise, and unlike a lot of other PR firms who just take your money, they actually have the contacts and connections needed to serve your campaign. They integrate and work amazingly well with your entire team, whether your artist is signed to a major label or is independent. As an added bonus, Ben gives each of his clients personal attention, and makes this part of the process fun and easy."

    Barbara Sealy, SB Music Management, Nubya Garcia's manager

  • “Ben is a rare breed in the press world - he understands that sometimes saying no is no bad thing and often the key to longevity. Ben worked to reset the tone of an artist 15 years deep and easily tarred a heritage act - framing him as a contemporary. It’s a unique skill - where many have a checklist, Ben created a palette for Ghetts, and strategically created moments along the campaign to build to a peak of Ghetts’ first magazine cover.”

    Daniel Tuffin, Ghetts’s manager

  • "Ben at Run Music is a delight to work with. He's worked across Danny Brown and Wu-Lu's campaigns for Warp, and played a crucial part in telling their stories at UK press over the years."

    Hannah Petter, UK Promotions Manager, Warp Records

  • “Ben at Run Music was integral from the very start of the Ghetts campaign, helping deliver by far the biggest commercial and chart success of the legendary MC’s career to this point. He worked closely with Ghetts’ management and the label on a bespoke PR rollout which aimed to capitalise on his status as a revered Grime artist and getting across that this was his best album yet. The press was consistently brilliant over time and was a big reason for the #2 Album, Mercury and BRIT nomination and huge MOBO win.”

    Joe Kentish, President, Warner Records

  • “After working with Ben on the Maps and We Buy Diabetic Test Strips albums, we wouldn’t trust any one else to represent us. Ben’s taste, eloquence, and knack for detail is unmatched in the territory.“

    Jordan Corso, billy woods & Armand Hammer's manager

  • "Ben worked hard on 700 Bliss project with Hyperdub in the UK and got results for the album, he was a pleasure to work with."

    Marcus Scott, Label Manager, Hyperdub Records

  • "Ben's greatest attribute is making publicists in other territories sharpen their focus and up their game, all in an effort to keep up with the opportunities and special moments Ben consistently brings to the artist."

    Peter Wiley, Director of Distributed Labels, Fat Possum

  • “We’ve been working with Ben for over 12 years now and he is an exemplary publicist who has been pivotal in nurturing the careers across a number of our artists in the UK. His attitude and energy is second to none and he works effortlessly with our in-house publicity team in the US in executing truly global press campaigns. There is never a hesitation when the opportunity to work with him arises.”

    Ryan Oxley, UK & EU Promotions Manager, Sub Pop

  • "I’ve worked with Ben since the early days of the label. He’s been crucial to the campaigns for our most successful releases. Early on Ben took Lex into the mainstream with two back to back Danger Mouse campaigns, Ghetto Pop Life, and The Grey Album, which changed everything for the label. Since then, he’s used his unrivalled PR talents working with legends like MF DOOM and Alan Moore and bringing through new artists like the recent breakthrough campaign for Fly Anakin’s Frank."

    Tom Brown, founder, Lex Records

  • "Run Music / Ben Harris is the most considered music PR I've worked with in the UK. His taste speaks for itself across his outstanding roster and he works exceptionally hard for all of his clients. He always prioritises long term relationships between artists and media alongside short term results needed for campaign success. I highly recommend Ben for your UK music PR."

    Zena White, Chief Operating Officer, Partisan Records